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MaxxQ Start Kit


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Product Description

Limited Edition MaxxQ. Elegant and sophisticated. Perfect for using at events, parties or a special evening out. The sleek black battery also blends in well with business attire and will not stand out the way a white battery or tobacco cigarette would.

The kit comes with :

  • (2) Black Enamel 250mAh Longer Lasting Lithium Ion batteries with ruby red jewel
  • (3) Cartomizers (Black 1 High Tobacco, 1 Medium Tobacco, and 1 Menthol ) Sorry,but NO substitutions. Kits are factory sealed.
  • (1) USB Cable/Charger
  • (1) AC (wall plug)/USB Adapter*
  • (1) Car/USB Adapter*
  • (1) XL Black Carry Case
  • (1) Manual 

This product is available only to our customers serviced by the USA website. 

*USB charger you receive may look different than the one pictured but will function the same way *


*Smoke Screens, the clear plastic tips for cartomizers, are not part of the kit but a free gift included with your order*