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Vanilla Flavored Cartomizer (5 Pack)

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Product Description

One of four exciting new SmokeStik flavors, Vanilla, with 18mg’s of nicotine packed in an XL cartomizer! XL cartomizers give significantly more puffs than our regular cartomizers. And the 18mg’s of nicotine insure that you get the throat hit and satisfaction you are used to in SmokeStik’s original Tobacco and Menthol flavors.

The Vanilla bean actually comes from a beautiful orchid flower that grows in the jungles of Mexico and on the island of Madagascar. Since its discovery and use as a flavoring thousands of years ago in the Mazatlan Valley of Mexico, vanilla has been the most loved flavor of people everywhere. The number one selling flavor of ice cream even! We think you will enjoy this SmokeStik Vanilla….very slightly sweet while still retaining the SmokeStik tobacco flavor you already love.

SmokeStik Black Cartomizer XL High (18mg) Strength Vanilla Flavor  - This is our 5 pack of High (18mg) Strength XL Vanilla Flavored Cartomizers which ships as a package of 5 single black cartomizers in one box.