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Affiliate Program

Starting May 1st 2016 Smokestik will be exclusiving using ShareASale as our affiliate program management platform.

ShareASale brings an up-to-date hosted platform that we can rely upon moving forward. It will also bring new features that affiliates have been asking for:

  • *new* Bonus for new customers
  • *new* Bonuses for monthly sales/referral goals
  • *new* 35% commissions on Kits
  • 20% commission on Cartomizers & Accessories
  • True 90 day Cookie
  • Reliable Up-to-Date Management System

Our ShareASale merchant account is up and running. To join our program, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Sign-Up to be an ShareASale Affiliate
    Once you’ve completed the application process, proceed to the Dashboard.
  2. Join the SmokeStik Program
    In the dashboard, choose ‘Things To Do’ and select ‘Search For Merchants’, search for Smokestik.
  3. Coupon Codes
    Once we’ve approved your new application for ShareASale, you'll be placed on probation. We ask new affilates to use the coupon code: TPM10. Once you've made your first sale, you'll be assigned your own exclusive coupon code. This code can only be used by you. If you use other Affiliates' codes, you will not receive a commission.
  4. Update Your Sites & Coupon Codes
    Update your coupon codes and links as you see fit for your site(s).
  5. You’re Done.
    You’ll receive reports of sales to your ShareASale dashboard for each transaction. You’ll be able to see once sales are approved and the commissions you earned.

We look forward to everyone having a better experience and making more money with ShareASale. Should you have any questions or require additional assistance with setting up your new account, please reach out to us by using our contact form.