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    Lifetime Warranty

    We want to reward you for being a Loyal Customer of SmokeStik, and have therefore come up with our Customer Loyalty Program/Lifetime Warranty. To qualify, all you have to do is continue to buy all your SmokeStik supplies and consumables from SmokeStik.

    • If your SmokeStik Classic or Ultra battery or charger becomes unusable, contact us. We will diagnose your problem, and if we determine your battery or charger is unusable, and your buying history shows you consistently spending $50 or more every 6 weeks on consumables (liquid,cartomizers,tanks,coils), we will ship you a replacement, for as long as you use our product.
    • If you request your replacements so they can be included with an existing order there will be no charge, as long as you return your old items. If you do not return your old items you will be charged retail for the replacements.
    • If you do not notify us ahead of time so we can put your replacements in an existing order you will be asked to pay $4.95 for Priority shipping to send you your replacements. We reserve the right to terminate this policy on an individual basis if demands for replacements are excessive compared to average usage patterns or there is a history of not returning old batteries.
    • Free replacement batteries will always be new.

    This Lifetime warranty does not cover any defects or costs caused by: Modification, alteration, repair or service of this product by any persons or company other than SmokeStik; Physical abuse to, or misuse of the product or operation thereof in a manner inconsistent with the use indicated in the instructions; Any use of the product other than that for which it was intended; or Use of SmokeStik devices with other manufacturers' chargers, batteries or cartomizers.

    Cartomizers are considered a consumable product. They come with no warranty. Cartomizers are not eligible for refunds. It is normal for there to be an occasional underperforming or non-working cartomizer. This is impossible to prevent. Under certain circumstances we may offer replacements or Reward Points but ONLY if you have something to return. Once we receive your return we may offer a 1 to 1 compensation for any defective or nonworking cartomizers.

    You must return your old hardware. Unlike most companies we do not make you return it first. However, you must agree to allow us to charge your credit card for the cost of any replacements you do not return if you want to receive new items before you return the old ones.