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    Technical Questions and Answers

    In this section you can view technical questions and answers about SmokeStik products. If you have your own technical question about a smokestik product, you can submit a question below and one of our technical staff will answer it for you and post it here or in the Smokestik User's Manual.

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      How do you make it hit harder

    You can't do anything to change the way the device functions. You can raise your nicotine level if you don't feel satisfied. If the highest nicotine level does not satisfy you using a SmokeStik Classic then an ULTRA is the next step up.

      what does awaiting verification mean

    Awaiting Verification means we, Smokestik are waiting for a customer who has ordered for the first time to call us and verify the order. We do this to protect our customers from fraud.

      My battery won't connect to the charger

    Since we only sell two products this would be a very unusual occurrence. Please call us at 877-964-7800 Ext 400 and we will send you whatever item isn't working.

      what smok coils are compatable with the smok stick one plus

    SMOK is a different company than SmokeStik.

      Is there any expiry date on the cartomizers

    There is currently no regulation in effect that requires an expiration date for eliquid. Our cartomizers do have an internal batch code printed on every 5pack so we know exactly when they were manufactured. The industry standard is 2 years for shelf life if they contain nicotine and unlimited shelf life without nicotine.

      Do I need to clean any parts of my smokestik?

    Please look inside any cartomizer order and you will find a business size card with complete cleaning instructions

      How do I refill the tank

      My first cigarette is done,do I just charge it again, or change battery every time?

    If you are using a disposable, Once it is done (not producing any vaper) it is done and can not be recharged. If you are using a rechargeable SmokeStik- When the tip of the battery flashes 10 times( the long part) it is telling you that you need to recharge it. Just screw it into the charger, the tip will light up, once the tip light turns off it is charged. This could take up to 4 hours. If the battery is charged (it is not flashing when you try to use it) then the cartomizer ( short part) is used up and you will have to replace it with a new cartomizer.

      I let my ULTRA tank run completely dry and now whenever I refill it it tastes burnt. How can I make that taste go away?

    You will need a new coil.. Once you overheat the coil it will not work correct again.

      There seams to be some fuzzy stuff at the bottom of the coil.. Should I remove it?

    If you look close at the coil itself you will notice the wick, white string like material protruding out of the coil assembly...Please do not pull on or try to remove these... they are needed to make the coil work. The wick does just what its name sounds like. It wicks liquid from the tank to the heating coil to produce vapor.

      Every time I refill my tank, I get juice coming out of the mouth piece. WHY

    When refilling the tank.... turn it upside down for a few seconds before you unscrew the base. This will allow any liquid still in the tank to flow away from the coil. This will prevent any liquid that was near the base from running out of the mouth piece

      Why do I sometimes get a burnt taste from the ULTRA

    When filling the tank be sure to leave a bit of an air gap in the tank. This is needed to allow the liquid to flow onto the wick and produce vapor. Without the air gap the liquid will not flow onto the coli correctly. This can produce a "burned or hot" taste. ALSO... Do not allow the tank to run dry. The liquid is used to "cool" the coil. If you let it run dry this will shorten the life of the coil and you will have to replace it more often.