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ALL XL Flavored Cartomizers (5 Pack)

SmokeStik Flavored Cartomizers XL with 18 mg's of nicotine. Choose one of four flavors.

This is our 5 pack of XL Flavored Cartomizers which ships as a package of 5 single cartomizers.

Vanilla: The Vanilla bean actually comes from a beautiful orchid flower that grows in the jungles of Mexico and on the island of Madagascar. Since its discovery and use as a flavoring thousands of years ago in the Mazatlan Valley of Mexico, vanilla has been the most loved flavor of people everywhere. The number one selling flavor of ice cream even! We think you will enjoy this SmokeStik Vanilla….very slightly sweet while still retaining the SmokeStik tobacco flavor you already love.

Strawberry: I’m sure we all have fond memories of strawberries and summer vacation. Well this is the grown-up version! Bring back that refreshing, sweet berry flavor any time with SmokeStik Strawberry cartomizers. Definitely a treat... but who knows? You may want to use them all the time!

Cherry: Anyone who is of "a certain age" probably remembers Grandpa’s Cherry Pipe Tobacco. I sure do, although I don't know what it tasted like! But as SmokeStik users ourselves when the crew got together to discuss these new flavors, we all agreed... we wanted a clean, crisp Cherry top note while still keeping the tobacco undertone and throat hit. No candy flavors for us! We think we succeeded and hope you agree. Without the added sweeteners of other ecig brands, SmokeStik has developed a mild Cherry flavor with all the satisfaction and punch of our Full Flavor Tobacco.

Cappuccino: SmokeStik Cappuccino Flavored Cartomizers are the perfect after dinner treat. A bold coffee flavor with a slight sweetness smoothed over with the flavor of steamed milk; a cartomizer that any barista would be proud to serve! Bringing memories of an outdoor café in Venice.

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