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Halligan Starter Kit

40% OFF !!

Introducing the new SmokeStik Halligan ... a RED 250mAh extended charge time rechargable battery (same diameter, but 1/2 inch longer, than our Premium battery) that will last hours longer than a regular SmokeStik. Clear CZ jewel lights up blue when puffed. Compatible with all SmokeStik products except the regular carrying case. The Halligan kit comes with its own special carrying case.

The Halligan was named after the traditional urban firefighters tool. Strong and ready when you are. The fire engine red body with a distinctive blue light behind the clear jewel makes it stand out in a crowd yet does not resemble a traditional cigarette, making it more acceptable in “No Smoking” areas.

The kit comes with :

  • (2) Red 250mAh Longer Lasting Lithium Ion batteries
  • (3) Black XL Cartomizers ( 1 High Tobacco, 1 Medium Tobacco, and 1 Menthol Medium ) ( for Canada - 2 Tobacco/Regular No Nicotine, and 1 Menthol No Nicotine ) Sorry, but NO substitutions. Kits are factory sealed.
  • (1) AC (wall plug) Adapter/USB Charger (USA plug configuration only)
  • (1) USB Cable/Charger*
  • (1) Car/USB Adapter
  • (1) User Manual
  • (1) All in an attractive KEEPSAKE box

This is all you need to buy to get you started with the SmokeStik TODAY!

*USB charger you receive may look different than the one pictured but will function the same way.*

Smokescreens (clear plastic tips for cartos) pictured are not part of the kit and are a free courtesy item included with each order.

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