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SmokeStik ULTRA Intro Kit

The SmokeStik ULTRA Intro Kit comes with a single 650 mAh battery in your choice of one of three colors. Black, Pearl Pink, or Silver. One matching ULTRA tank with its coil preinstalled and a USB charger!

Here's a breakdown of everything you get:

1 650 mAh ULTRA batteries with standard eGo style 510 threading...that is equal to almost 1000 puffs on one charge!!

1 ULTRA tanks with pre-installed coil... a tank holds over a full milliliter of liquid. Enough to last all day!

1 USB charger with integrated overcharge protection circuit. This is a redundant safety feature that works in tandem with the ULTRA battery protection circuit.

A user’s manual is included in all kits as well as a downloadable version available online in the FAQ section of this website.

Only one battery, coil and tank are included, other colors shown for information purposes only.

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